Human Lands

Herlin (formerly sister cities of Her and Lin) The Gleaming Mountain Kingdom of Herlin lead by Queen Rosa The capital of this large city-state is a large lighthouse built atop a mountain. Water from a natural spring bubbles up to from the top of this mountain and flows down the terraced fields built into the mountain.

Calver (The Empire of) - Al-Ton (starting town) - Ro (larger with some dwarves) - Durpas (currently suffering an unseasonal drought)


Dwarven Lands

Dalek Tor A massive Dwarven city carved into and under a mountain. Ruled by King Karl “Stone Beard” Blasthöff Dalek Tor is a imposing mountain that is always alive with activity underground. The surface is maintained as a safe trading point assuming you’re willing to trade in Dwarven coin. The best in Armor, weaponsmithing, and Magic comes from the markets at Dalek Tor. In the deeper mined reaches elite Dwarven guards are stationed to protect against whatever foul creatures may make their homes in the Shadow Depths, deeper than Dwarves.

Moor Downs Substantially smaller than Dalek Tor and not nearly as welcoming to strangers Moor Downs is nevertheless a place that will take in a stranger, provided they’re on their way ASAP. Overseen by High Mage Lars “Rune Hand” Olaf Moor Downs is unique not only in its housing of the Dwarven Magic academy where Wizards and Duskblades learn their craft but also in that unlike typical stone construction Moor Downs is made of almost entirely metal. Rumors exist of a tunnel that connects Moor Downs to Dalek Tor but if such a passage exists the Dwarves aren’t telling anyone and certainly aren’t sharing its use.

Elven and Halfling Lands

The Ashen Sands


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