Jalin Uhmahad


Paladin 2

  • Strength 14
  • Dexterity 15
  • Constitution 14
  • Intelligence 10
  • Wisdom 10
  • Charisma 18
  • 22 Hitpoints
  • 15 Armor Class
  • Fortitude Save = +6(4+2+0)
  • Reflex Save = +2(0+2+0)
  • Will Save = 0(0+0+0)

Racial Features

  1. Darkvision 60 feet
  2. +2 to listen and spot
  3. Cast Daylight as a first level caster
  4. Acid, cold, electricity resistance 5


  1. Mounted Combat


  1. Craft- Alchemy = 3(3+0+0)
  2. Knowledge Arcana = 2(2.0+0+0)
  3. Perception = 4(0+0+4)
  4. Spellcraft = 2(2.0+0+0)
  5. Ride = 3(1+2+0)


  1. Celestial
  2. Common


  1. Masterwork Bastard Sword
  2. 1 Gallon Canteen of Water


  1. 7 Silver


  1. Light Warhorse

Jalin Uhmahad is the youngest son of the late Udek Uhmahad, warlord of the Olum tribe of the desert wastes. An idealist at heart, Jalin rejected the might makes right attitude of the tribe from an early age. A youth of substantial charisma and empathy, Jalin slowly brought many of the members of his tribe over to his point of view and away from the traditional mindset of pillaging and raiding.

This did not go over well with Koloos Uhmahad, Jalin’s older brother. The most respected warrior of the tribe after Udek, Koloos saw Jalin as weak and womanly, not worthy of the tribe. This belittling attitude changed to one of open hostility as the years passed and more and more tribal members adopted Jalin’s view of the world. When Udek was persauded to leave the warpath it was more than Koloss was willing to endure. On the same day Udek declared Jalin to be the future warlord of the tribe Koloos killed Udek and attempted to murder Jalin as well. Jalin escaped with the ancestral sword of his father- the symbol of leadership in the tribe. He is currently being pursued by warriors loyal to Koloos.

Jalin Uhmahad

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